Apr 19, 2013

A Philosophical outlook by Pinju


Finally the awaited day has come...The optimistic fragment of my brain was humming that things would turn fine,people would change,and situations would reform to a better one.I was anticipating for some revolution,some miracle...But that doesn’t happened.Later I realized that the only thing that I can do from my part is to transform myself...Leaving myself in the old individuality is going to be a threat for my existence in this contemporary world.

I need to undergo a self make over upon my own frame of mind.That doesn’t mean I am evacuating my innocent and often childish traits.But just grasping lessons from mistakes.

Being more keen while conceiving people,circumstances.. From being more Sensitive to Bold is not easier I know ,at least one could hide their delicate emotional side to outsiders.One have to believe in herself/himself,only then the society would listen to you.I would say you cant be defeated if you can live independent physically,financially, as well emotionally .So getting ready to hit the road of life with new perspectives and fresh aspirations...... 

Pinju Reloaded..... :)

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