Mar 27, 2011

BLOOD Seems evapourating ???

"It is too hot today.."

Most of our conversations start as the above.It is true,there is enough hot these days,that could possibly evapourate even the blood.

I feel it is a terrible task to spend atleast 5 minutes in the town in the day light.But it is unavoidable for a student,employee or who ever else.

It is a dangerous fact that,buildings replaced our old banyan trees that stayed on our road sides as a relief in earlier days.

Many green elements that stuck to my childhood memories has vanished.

Many researchers have found that green is the color that a human eye founds comfortable.So watching the greenaries is a good aid as a self-relaxing manner.

But,what if green nature starts vanishing from earth?what should we do?Simply giving lectures about the consequences? Would that do ?


Need to Go

Let us show others,what these great green can do?

Common,Action speaks louder than words.

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