Mar 17, 2011

"Yes...I Know how to shut up.I Just don't know when..."

Let me start with this.what do you think of the above quote?

I think it is a true fact.Many times,I used to get into a chaos,whether I should open my mouth or not.

An the another extreme of this.See,when your heart bursting out with feelings,You feel your tongue stick somewhere.You could not utter a single word.

Ya..Life is just like that.Unexpected events comming up Always.Is n't it beautiful?

What is it to live life,as per a pre-scheduled one?What you guys say to that?

Any way I m going to make my view clear.I just hate,planning life.

Now friends,It is your turn.

I am eagerly waiting for your comments.

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March 19, 2011

Hmmm... Shut up..

Its better to be a listener rather than Talker

"Maunam Viduvana bhushanam"

Nothing else on shut up...

Life always have thrilling experience...

Future Planning is a gr8 thing for those who wants to get thrilled as according to me, what i plan in my life doesnt works out correctly as expected :(...

So in life always expect the unexpected... :)

March 24, 2011

Thank you for ur interactive response.please continue reading.

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