May 22, 2011

Peeping into an Engineering college Class room......Part 2

So friends, I hope you got my point. Let me continue giving voice to the concerns of Students. And as I said before, this piece of article have no intention of getting on anybody's nerves. So please keep a cool head and be in a positive frame of mind.

So back to the typical classrooms.....The lectures never want to see the student’s mouth opened unless they are asked to answer their brain teasers. So some starts beating their brains out, some others scratch their head and cracks a smile at the quiz master , and the rest reads through the notes.

The policy is Just sit and grab the entire hot properties dropped by them, in this hell.As a rule, All should takes the scraps of greatest virtual concepts. So the under performers who doesn’t belongs in the honor rolls still stay there as a lost ball in high weeds. No Emotions, especially a yawn, a laugh is never tolerated. They expect us to be in the class with a disappointed face but never with an excited one.Sorry,I can’t text the feelings of the lecture in a true way,since I am just a student now.We love them but only outside the class.

So why these classes becomes so uninteresting? Why everyone feels so sleepy? Can’t there be some changes implemented to the system. Why the syllabus prefer a single ruler pattern? Why the students are ignored? Are we slow-witted? Or do they think, we could never be a part of an interactive class?

I would prefer a class in which I have some involvement to one that I just sit and curse the syllabi. So I wish they ask me what I know, than what they expect to be known by me.But it never happens.So it is just a bitter pill to swallow.And I m still part of the flow….

May 19, 2011

Peeping into an Engineering college Class room......Part 1

I am right now in my class room, physicaly giving my presence and mind searching over some other matters…

But today I don’t want my mind to let it roam through the corridors of my past or to knock at the doors of my future. Let it analyze “What is going on here ,in an average self financing Engineering College lecture class??”

But one note, reminding my dear readers, this is not through the ways of bookworms, nor padippist and bhugis, but just the thoughts of an average girl who break out from intellectual theorems from switching off her day dream skills. Lectures please forgive me, this is not meant to criticize you.

This is an average class, under higher tolerance level of students. The most usual form of struggling scenes in typical engineering colleges of Kerala.

Then the question is who is struggling…Yup, the answer is both the two entities..Loudspeaker (lecture) and the Silencers (students).The struggling of lectures are at a point of view, to get over their financial crises after the complete broke during their academics. The struggling from student’s point of view is that they have to co-up with the burden of expectations of the family and heavy syllabi.So this is our World……