Dec 11, 2013

I m so haaaappy :)

I am feeling so haaaappy without any reason.I feel like being kiddish and naughty and chatty here :) I remember I was quite out of mood yesterday,I was in zero energy level :( I dint even had fair conversions with amma too. I got into bad temper easily,provoked for silly matters so soon.I felt a strong hatred for my character.But thank god I m changed today,just before half an hour...And thanks to the guys here at my office,who make me burst into laughter and my sweet friend who always has an ear to my tootti chutti problems,and for her extreme tolerance towards me.I don't want to name out each by person but the guys who always tries to keep my mouth open they never let me stay in my silent mode,hey you are the one's who always puts a smile on my face :)

I cant exclude my big chat buddies (not exactly chats but sporty friendly wars are actually going on between us) who make me keep live,who bear me on my both extreme mind states.And my dear chum,within the mere 3 years,what to say he seem to know my ways better than me sometimes.I still don't know how he get to know the sheer variations of emotions from the least possible hello's.And my sweetest friend who pampered me a lot,my ex-room mate,I miss her a lot,better I don't talk much about her,for I go over and over again to my depressed mood.And last but not least I love my family :) I love my amma,pappa and my naughty brother <3 .

I wrote this post here,cuz may be I might over think and get into strange mind state again.Even that time I can read this once again and smile cuz I have a lot of people to count around me who just love to see me smiling :)

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December 11, 2013


December 12, 2013

Sometimes you are difficult to read but smooth-ens out by yourself. Glad that you got all those friends who understands you very well.

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