Oct 5, 2011

What is there to do after the Graduation... ?? Part-1


I know you will have many answers for this question. But probably most of you would agree to get into a Job soon. Yeah, obviously Occupation is the best option that you can call for getting your life settled. Still some brainy guys would prefer higher studies, to satisfy their quest for knowledge. However I am now neglecting the brilliant stories of those bluestocking personalities. Here I am sharing a space for those unlucky who are labelled as “Losers”.

It will be a Herculean task for them to answers the enumerated list of enquires about job, life, plans etc. Questions that difficult to answer...Queries that should not be asked ...Interrogations that screw them up. And of course the spectators and well wishers actually blow them into a total mess. Then you would realize the matters you called as hazards were not really when you compare with this rapid firings. I am sure that the period of Job hunt is the hard times in every one’s life. The realities’ of struggling would be a bitter pill to swallow. So that is the reason even a small earning would make you feel that you are in the seventh heaven.Yes, really the distance between the label of an Unemployed and an Employed person is not so smaller. And of course the attitude of society, the well wishers to both of them are quite different. So when your friends get into jobs then that news becomes sour grapes for you.

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