Apr 9, 2011

How to score in Exams ???

Hai friends,

So eagerly waiting for an idea, to get rid of your bloddy Xamz??
You may have a prejudice that,Maystar is comming up with the old pranks of copying...

No..my dear friend!!

I am with a new innovative idea(I think so.So that one shouldn't worry about the questions,shouldn't mug up the text books and references,shouldn't curse the most irritative alerts of alarms..

How about it?No dear,I am not Joking.This is a way to turn your study leave days to a more relaxed and pleasant one.

wait,I am going to say..
This is a new gadget,that should be attached to our hair(just to hide from the invigilator).Now, you enter into the xam hall,very calmly.
Getting the Answer sheet and question paper...
just have a glance @ your question paper..na?
Seeing that most of the questions are those that you haven't even seen on ur studies.

But you wil be cool..because..you have the gadget with you!!!
What can be it's name??yeah,we will name it us xamScope,ansmeter or something like that.

Now,see how it is going to save you.You just have some scrapping action,to just TURN ON the device.Now you wonder,because..
..your are having a view of your printed pages of your text on your answer sheet.But the most intresting fact is that no one except you,can see it.
You as if turning pages,just have some dragging,clicking operations on your answer sheet(as if it is a touch screen set).You finds your exact answer,just copying it into the answer sheet.(Don't worry,text book can be copied into the gadget's memory,just a day before your Exam and can be removed after use).

Is it amazing?Now you wanna buy it?The gadget is under continous research,so that many of your problems will be cleared soon.

So that is my story.A beautiful,innovative idea usually I think of,when I start sweating in the Exam hall.When my friends heavily pour their knowledge memory into the papers,and I still wonder about the questions.I just think of these type of ideas.

so don't get disappointed,One day this gadget will turn into a reality!!:)

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July 30, 2011

hai anna..... nice post...

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