Aug 8, 2013

Some Quotes to polish your life


One great lesson I learned from life..there is no market for your emotions,so never advertise your feelings,just show your Attitude

It is a long journey between Human Being and being Human

Life is very complicated,Dont try to find answers,Because when you find answers life changes the questions

Relationship never dies a natural death,They are murdered by Ego,Attitude and Ignorance

Two things define you,your patience,when you have nothing and your attitude 

when you have everything

When nails grow long,we cut nails not fingers,similarly when misunderstanding grow up cut your ego not your relationship

We still love ourselves even after doing mistakes,then how can we hate others for their single mistakes

Happiness will never come to those people who dont appreciate what they already have

Fear has two meanings


Respect people who find time for you in their busy schedule,But love people who never look at their schedule when you need them

As soon as you die,your identity becomes a "body",People use phrases like "Bring the body", "Lower the body in the grave","Take the body to the grave yard", etc
People don't even call you by your name whom you tried to impress your life.. " Live a life to impress you creator not the Creation"

It is not lack of love,but it is lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages

Be true to your work,your word and friends

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