Mar 20, 2011

Gud Morning friends,

"A Good heart is better than all the heads in the world."

...a quote that caught my attention.I felt that it is conveying a great message in a simpler way.

One of the basic fact that ties the threads of love between each relationship...

Truely saying,we are loosing our heart in the rush to gain a empowered head.Simply saying,we have now turned into false-hearted personalities.Lost feelings of humanity,having mugged up with lot of equations that finally lntegrates with selfish life goals.

The too little time period of our life,why we just focus into power,prestige,position and pride only?Why can't we listen to the feelings of others?What is making ourself busy that we can't even spend a 5 minutes for our family?Why our ear is closed to the yelp of our dear ones?

And finally what have we gained so far after the cruel ignorance towards others?Or does our profit balance our loss?

Think yourself friends...

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