Jul 17, 2013

Shhhhhhhh........!!! its unofficial ;)

I don't know if this is correct for every one,but I feel like on each day each of us miss some of the elements of the life .This elements can be materials,feelings,persons etc.that is why some times I wish to save some of the happiness,fun and peace I was feeling yesterday,So that I could fill the mere dryness of some tomorrows.But unfortunately the feelings is the one which we cannot make into bank deposits.quite funny !!!

I have to motivate and control myself,I have to be my own sister,parent and teacher sometimes  to go further in life... at times I have to scold myself to get corrected,to set the limits...

Nothing more to scrap here. Before leaving I wish you a healthy holy month of karkidakam (കർക്കിടകം) ahead. :) Because I feel like this is the best time to bring a harmony between nature and human .Right time,to let the nature heal your wounds..right time to drive away your spurious parts of life .

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